Argeleb II

King of Arthedain


Argeleb II has been the latest in a long line of smart careful leaders of Arthedain. He makes his own job easier by appointing smart and talented people to assist him and by listening to their advice. In spite of his long track record of success, he is always careful to make sure that he is not overstepping his reach as so many have before him when faced with threats as large as Angmar. His two biggest successes to date have both been controversial, the ceding of the southeastern part of his realm to the diminutive Halflings, and the massive fortification program that has turned the entire northeastern part of his kingdom into a tough nut to crack, even for Angmar’s armies.

Argeleb communicates constantly with the Elves of the Grey Havens and in Rivendell and the Dwarves of the Blue Mountains. With sufficient warning, Gondor can send a very considerable force to the Grey Havens.

The King is reaching the end of reign and intends to hand over control to his son in the next 20 years but first he hopes to exploit Angmar’s weakness resulting from the Great Plague.

Argeleb II

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