Edra Neluruth

Elderly Baron, who saw a shinning destiny before him!


Edra had been to quite a lot of places (or at least has read about them a LOT) and was an actual Baron (apparently somebody died and left him in charge, their bad). He did not feel any great desire to be tied to a very quiet part of the country and strongly believed that he had a destiny. Before he was a Baron, he was one of those people you occasionally see at Universities who never stopped learning. Edra was a walking encypldedia of knowledge, if lacking in practical skills. He had attempted to learn how to use a staff, more for self-defense than anything else. With it at his side, he was often mistaken for Gandalf the Grey, Gandalf from an old tongue meaning “wand elf,” but Gandalf or Edra would be the first to tell you that Mithrandir was not an elf.

The aged Scholar Edra had spent much of his spare time and wealth on a host of dusty tomes of heroes from year ago… while reading of heroic deeds of gallant knights, Edra realized that he himself could aspire to be a guardian for the Free Peoples. He watched the sky and waited for a portent of his great destiny.
His watching and waiting paid off and the time hadcome, he has applied to Rangers academy, was refused, but joined anyway with his trusty valet – Placro.

His familiarity with the ancient magics of the world, and with the innately magical Cirth was a boon to the party, additionally he having spent a life time building friendships and an understanding of the subtle magic of Middle Earth, gave council to the rangers. However, Edra’s weakness was found in his own eagerness…
He holds the “Gift of Man” granted by Illuvitar, but was tempted by the shadow, especially as it could help him lead to his shinning moment in the sun.
But, Edra had no intention to gain personal power or glory, he was there because he knows he must have been… the winds of fortune carried him onward!

Now Edra forever rests, and his efforts went recognized by the ancient powers that be.

Edra Neluruth

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