Character Creation

Characters will be created using the following steps:

1. The player will select the character race after consulting the racial opportunities chart for each country

2. If necessary, the GM will roll to see if the player got the race they desired

3. The player will either create the character (150 points, 75 points in Disadvantages, Tech Level 3) or will give a description of the character to the GM for creation. GURPS Dungeon Fantasy allows easy conversion from D&D Character classes to some very capable characters so you can use D&D terms to describe the character if desired.

4. If the player created the character, they will submit the character for review by the GM. The goal of this step is to assist the player in assimilating the character into the setting as tightly as possible and to help the GM prepare sub-plots for individual characters. The players have final say over how their character is built. The GM, of course, has final say over the setting.

5. If the character possesses the Magery advantage, they need to roll a d6 for each level of Magery, rolling less than or equal to the desired level indicates that the character has hit their maximum potential and cannot go further into Magery. This does not necessarily have to be a permanent barrier, the character could make it their goal to find some way to enhance their Magery and it might make an interesting side quest.

Character Creation

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