Dwarves were created by the god of Smithing and Crafting.  Illuvatar ordered them to be destroyed and the god moved to do so reluctantly.  Illuvatar was moved to pity by the obvious love between the god and his people and by the god's willingness to follow orders, unlike Morgoth, who stole the Solmarils and turned Elves into Orcs.  So Illuvatar finished the work of creating a free-willed people and hid them in Middle Earth to awaken thousands of years later.

Dwarves are a shorter, stout, stubborn, long-lived people who prefer to live underground and mine and craft beautiful items.  Dwarves are a highly organized people who like to know their place in any society.  Not having any great access to magic, the Dwarves create items using ritual magic, which requires time and patience, but not needing much inherent magical power.

A small offshoot of the Dwarven race prefers to live on the surface.  These so-called petty or hill dwarves are viewed with great suspicion by the rest of the race and they are not mentioned in polite society.  The stories told by Men and Elves suggest that these secretive people may have many magical powers but they are an unhappy people and the items they make tend to be dangerous to their owners.

Standard Dwarf Characteristics
HT+1 {10}
FP+3 {9}
Basic Move-1 {-5}
Advantages – Alcohol Tolerance {1}
Damage Resistance 1 (Tough Skin -40%) {3}
Lifting ST 2 {6}
Night Vision 5 {5}
Pickaxe Talent {5} – See me for details
Resistant to Poison +3 {5}
Perks – Dwarven Gear {1}
Disadvantages: Greed {12} {-10}
Stubborness {-5}
Quirks: Cannot Float


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