Welcome to Middle Earth

This campaign starts in 1645 TA after the Great Plague has passed. The Elves and Dwarves were mostly untouched, which raised suspicion in certain circles that they had a hidden antidote. Gondor was badly damaged but is still strong. The remnants of Cardolan were particularly hard hit and that country is more a miserable memory than a potential state. Arthedain benefited from its cold remote location and strong tradition of healing and was hit less than any other Mannish realm.

The single biggest surprise was that Orcs proved to be particularly vulnerable and 95% of the race died in a three year period. This has spared Arthedain from suffering the fate of Cardolan and Rhudaur and the King of Arthedain is determined to use this time wisely to reaffirm his country’s strong relationships with the Elves and with Gondor. He also seeks to disrupt evil both inside and outside of his borders.

His primary tool for the latter goal is the Rangers, which is composed of many small groups of clever, well-trained scouts who can slip into and out of danger without being noticed to save the day with a well-placed strike, both inside and outside the country. The lower classes of Arthedain greatly admire the Rangers but most would never dare face the dangers that are commonly encountered by members of the organization.

Adventures in Middle Earth

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