Adrokk, Shield of Arthedain

Of small sands, of small seas, small minds are made. Not all Men are matched in wisdom, the imperfect are easy to find.


Base Stats
ST: 12 HP: 12
DX: 13 Will: 12
IQ: 10 Per: 10
HT: 11 FP: 11


Adrokk is a big man. Lean, muscular, and is a daunting image. His fiery red mane frames his face with a bushy bronze beard. His grey eyes, bright like polished steel.

He carries a beautifully crafted shield of note. It is decorated with a golden sun ablaze on a field of bright blue, inlaid by a waxing eclipsed moon of silver. He wears his helmet outdoors almost all of the time, often talking about being prepared for anything that might be launched his way.

He carries the shield over his shoulder; always using it in an arms fight. He hefts a set of axes equally talented at throwing as he is at swinging. He has boasted that he can hew a 4 inch sapling in one swing.

Many of the young Rangers find Adrokk inspiring and look up to him, impressed by his boasting and bravado and by his confidence and bright attitude. He has in fact shown great strength of will and a fearlessness rare among Men. He has been witnessed having a far greater strength than belies his stature.

The older Rangers find him to be too bigheaded and think him inexperienced, and sometimes comment on his fearlessness being a bit foolhardy. He is well respected for he has proven his worth in a fight. Though many don’t know his lineage, his youthfulness, height, and natural hauteur have lead many to mutter that he is cut from Dunedain stock.

Adrokk has spent the past year or so travelling about the countryside looking for signs of the Rangers. He has spent most of it as an armed escort for villagers, traders, merchants, and travelers between towns.

He has a love for athletic tasks, challenges, especially wrestling and fighting.

Adrokk is quite congenial with others; especially brawlers like himself.

He has taken quite naturally to the Ranger training and has shown a palpable latent leadership role amongst his peers.

Adrokk is an early riser and spends quiet time meditating on the Valar and upon Tulkas more specifically. His love of Iluvatar, and Tulkas is displayed also in the evenings and before every physical encounter. In the evenings he often leaves cuts of meat (especially goat) and mead/wine/ale in small wooden bowls for Tulkas on quickly assembled offering altars. The donations always disappear by morning, although some have attributed this to rats and cats instead of supernatural power.

Adrokk, Shield of Arthedain

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