Rivendell is one of the four remaining strongholds of the Elves and is the last and greatest stronghold of the High Elves.

It was established late in the Second Age by Elrond Half-Elven after the destruction Eregion, the last High Elf realm by the forces of Sauron. Sauron had invaded Eregion in S.A. 1695 to wrest the rings of power from the Elven smiths. In response to this attack, Gil-galad sent a force from Lindon, commanded by Elrond, to bolster Eregion’s defence.

After two years of fighting, Eregion was utterly destroyed and the remnants of Elrond’s army and Eregion’s refugees were driven north into the hills of Rhudaur by Sauron’s forces, and were subsequently besieged for three years in the valley that would become the site of Rivendell. They were relieved in S.A. 1700 when an army of Elves from Lindon and their allies the Men of NĂºmenor, in conjunction with the defenders, attacked the besieging force and annihilated it.

The curious thing about Rivendell is that no two people experience their first journey to Rivendell in the same way. Some describe a short and easy trip while others spend years searching the land for the valley only to find it almost under their feet. Another curious thing about the valley is that it seems to change size as needed. Many describe the location as a heavily forested vale with only a few ornate buildings but histories have shown that it can comfortably hold up thousands of warriors for months at a time.

The Witch King of Angmar has long sought a way into Rivendell but his agents have only wandered a wilderness or found death at the hands of the extremely alert and well-equipped defenders.

Elrond’s two sons, Elladan and Elrohir, are the unofficial leaders of the remaining military force. Their father has a reputation for great wisdom and foresight and is accounted among the wisest of the Free People. They, on the other hand, are much more focused and militant and could be the most deadly High Elf fighters still alive.

There are persistent rumors that Fair Elves still visit Rivendell with some regularity.


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